Fundraising Dinner at Rochelle Canteen

Next Wednesday 13 June we're hosting a fundraising dinner at Rochelle Canteen in support of Younis Mustafa's legal fees.  A friend of Margot's daughter, Younis and his family fled Sudan when he was 7 years old, in fear for their lives, and they were granted political asylum in the UK.  The Home Office is currently considering making a deportation order to forcibly remove Younis from the UK and send him to Dafur in Sudan.

You are invited to join us! There are limited spaces available at the intimate three course dinner on Wednesday 13 June at 7.30pm £65 per head (including a welcome drink and nibbles.)

Younis' friends have been trying to raise money to help pay his lawyers to ensure Younis is safe from deportation.  By coming along to this dinner in support of Younis you will be contributing to the fighting fund as well as showing friendship and support for Younis and his family.   All of the money raised will go directly into the Younis Defence Fund.

If you prefer to simply make a donation to the fund please do so using the account details in link but in the reference section put the word 'donation' after your name.